We’re having a Baby!


My husband and I have been married almost six years and we knew from the beginning we wanted to wait a few years before starting a family. We enjoyed being spontaneous, traveling and LAZY hehe. We were learning each other and enjoying each others company. On our three year anniversary we decided that we were ready to have a baby! It was thrilling to think we will be parents. But boy were we in for a surprise. I think I was living in a bubble because I did not realize it would be such a challenge to get to see a positive pregnancy test. I mean you hear about fertility issues but you never think it will happen to you. Month after month of tracking, measuring and calculating we kept getting big fat negatives. It was discouraging and heartbreaking. To add salt to injury it felt like everyone around me was announcing their pregnancy. A colleague of mine suggested that I download an app called Glow. It was helpful because I was able to track everything in one place and it was user friendly which I did not find on other apps. After we hit the one year mark we figured it was time to make an appointment with the doctor for further testing..just in case. The husband and I made appointments and everything checked out..Sooo what the hell was the problem? We continued to travel and enjoy our time and right after I stopped tracking and measuring I got my big fat positive! It took us exactly two years..TWO YEARS!

So, to all my mamas and papas-to-be…be patient and know that it will happen. Do not stress about it because it can cause a strain on your relationship. Continue to enjoy each others company. I know it is easier said then done but I promise when it finally happens for you, you will appreciate it even more.

Many blessings to all!

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